Welcome to BodyWise


Our bodies have innate wisdom about how to optimally function both physically and holistically.  Throughout our lives, we can develop patterns or experience traumas that unknowingly distract us from this wisdom.  It is my life’s work to help others on the path back to physical and holistic optimal health.

I practice an innovative method of movement therapy that is supported by findings from neuroscience about how the body knows how to coordinate itself.  The tools I use help align your body so that it does what it is designed to do: to move with ease & fluidity, to respond and adapt to any situation, and to meet challenges and stress without falling apart.

I work with all sorts of movement and emotional issues:  from people with injuries or pain, individuals experiencing anxiety, professional dancers to people who are looking for a deeper level of comfort in their bodies. My approach draws from developmental movement, Tonic Function,  Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, Pilates, and Yoga techniques.





Graphic Design by Amy Livingstone of Sacred Arts Studio Photographs by Jill Weir, Ariel Frager, and David Shannon